Newsletter 28: Food and Diet


Food and Diet

Just because you're dieting doesn't mean you have to eat boring, bland foods. You can adapt recipes so that they contain less fat (see list below) Remember, though, that you will lose some creaminess of texture and flavour as a result.

It makes sense to choose leaner cuts of meat and fish, and eat more chicken than red meat. Bear in mind that oily fish (mackerel, tuna, salmon) has a higher fat content than white fish (cod, haddock, monkfish). Cut all fat off meat before cooking and grill or stir-fry rather than frying or roasting using a lot of fat.

The now famous advice to eat five portions of fruit and vegetables every day is a sound one, and should also lessen the desire for sugary.  It’s also important to remember that you can have a little of everything, but not too much of anything.

The question remains, what can the home cook do to make losing a few pounds more interesting?  Try to include a wide variety of fruits and vegetables, herbs and spices, to make the plate more colorful and pleasing to the eye as well as the palate.

Some low fat foods which give foods a creamy flavour

0 per cent Greek yoghurt

thick and ‘creamy’, with no fat, no sugar and no artificial flavour. This, together with fresh fruit, is a delight for breakfast.
Natural low-fat yoghurt Greek

A soft, white, skimmed-milk, very low fat cheese.
Cottage cheese

The slimmers’ friend, sprinkled with chives and served with a salad.

Buttermilk makes a wonderful marinade ingredient. Both fish and chicken respond beautifully to it, becoming moister and more luscious.
Semi-skimmed milk

Those who can’t cope with skimmed milk, should opt for semi-skimmed, which still has some residual creaminess.



Spagetti with Capers and Olives (recipe taken from Fil-Kcina m’Anton: No.6)

Pasta is an incredibly versatile ingredient, satisfying, nutritious, simple to prepare and contrary to what people think, it doesn’t have very many calories.  One musn’t forget that pasta leave you feeling fuller for hours.

Per Serving – Recipe serves 4

Calories 359

Total Fat 8.9g

Saturated Fat 1.2g

Total Carbohydrates 58.9g

Protein 12.0g



350g pasta (spaghetti)

400g tomatoes

200g onions

100g olives unpitted

70g capers

Basil leaves

1 tbsp olive oil

Salt and pepper


1.  Skin the tomatoes, chop it into small pieces and place in a bowl.

2.  Remove the pit from the olives, chop into small pieces and place in another bowl.

3.  Peel and chop the onions and garlic.  Heat half the oil in a pan and fry them until they start to colour.

4.  Add the tomatoes, basil, salt and pepper and mix everything well.

5.  Add the capers and olives.

6.  Reduce the heat and cook for 15 minutes.

7.  In the meantime, boil the spaghetti, drain, and keep warm.

8.  Ad the spaghetti to the sauce when the sauce is ready and stir.  Add in the last half tbsp of oil and stir again.

9.  Serve at once.


Spagetti bil-Kappar u ż-Żebbuġ (ricetta mehuda minn Fil-Kcina m’Anton: No.6)

Għaġin imsajjar tajjeb hu prodott verament versatili, jissodisfa b’togħma tajba, nutrittiv, sempliċi biex tħejjih u, kuntrarju għal dak li jaħsbu ħafna, m’għandux ħafna kaloriji.  Wieħed m’għandux jinsa li l-għaġin iħalli l-istonku kuntent għal sigħat sħaħ.


Per Serving – Recipe serves 4

Calories 359

Total Fat 8.9g

Saturated Fat 1.2g

Total Carbohydrates 58.9g

Protein 12.0g



350g spagetti

400g tadam

200g basal

100g żebbuġ iswed bil-għadma

70g kappar

weraq tal-ħabaq

żejt taż-żebbuġa

bżar mitħun frisk u melħ


1.         Qaxxar it-tadam, qattgħu f’biċċiet żgħar u poġġih ġo skutella żgħira.

2.         Naddaf iż-żebbuġ mill-għadma, qattgħu f’biċċiet żgħar u poġġih ġo skutella żgħira oħra.

3.         Qaxxar il-basal u t-tewm u qattagħhom f’biċċiet żgħar.  Saħħan ftit żejt f’taġen u qalli l-basal u t-tewm sakemm jieħdu kulur dehbi. Ħawwad il-ħin kollu.

4.         Żid it-tadam, il-weraq tal-ħabaq, il-bżar u l-melħ u ħawwad kollox tajjeb.

5.         Żid ukoll il-kappar u ż-żebbuġ iswed imqatta’ filwaqt li tibqa’ tħawwad.

6.         Baxxi n-nar u kompli sajjar għal madwar kwarta.

7.         Għalli l-ispagetti sakemm it-taħlita tkun qed issir, saffih u żommu fis-sħana.

8.         Żid l-ispagetti u ħawwad tajjeb bla ma tkisser l-għaġin.  Ferra’ ftit żejt taż-żebbuġa fil-wiċċ qabel isservi.

9.         Servi mill-ewwel.