Almond Torte


480g plain flour

300g margarine

120g sugar

2 eggs

Some vanilla

Zest of a lemon

1. Sift flour. Rub in the margarine and sugar together, to a sandy texture

2. Mix sugar, eggs, zest of a lemon and some vanilla

3. Add to the flour and make dough. DO NOT any more flour. Clean your hands or mixer ,cover with a wet cloth and rest the pastry for at least one hour.


300g ground almond

200g sugar

50g nibbed almonds (chopped)

4 or 5 egg whites

50 glazed cherries optional

1. Mix almonds, sugar, nibbed almonds and egg whites. First add 4 and if the texture is dropping do not add the other .It depends all on the size.

2. If you like to add glazed cherries, wash to remove the sugar, and cut into 4 add the last minute.

3 prepare a pie dish, grease with some margarine or oil. Line with pastry.

4. Fill with almond filling. Put down the pastry edges.

5. Bake in a medium to hot oven 180 GM 3-4 for about 50-60 minutes.

6. When ready and cold you can add some liquor on top.