Bread and Butter Pudding


6 slices of bread or Panettone


50g sultanas

50g currants

120g sugar

5 eggs

1 lt. milk


Grated nutmeg


1. If you using sliced bread remove the crust and spread with butter. If you using panettone spread also with butter (here you can avoid this).

2. Grease a ceramic pie dish and put the bread or panettone nicely spread.

3. Add currants and sultanas.

4. Boil milk. In a bowl whisk sugar ,eggs, and vanilla.

5. Add the boiled milk to the eggs. Mix well. Strain over the bread or panettone.

6. Sprinkle fresh grated nutmeg and very little cinnamon.

7. Put this dish into a larger baking dish, half fill with water (bain-marie)

8. Bake into a moderate oven,180c or gass mark 4 for about 50 minutes.

9. Serve warm or cold